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European Drawer Slide Sockets

The European drawer Slide socket 2-pack is sterling for adding an extra level of protection and effortless access to your pulls, the new face frame Sockets are stylish and essential for a modern look. The 1002 772 986 are practical fit for any European drawer Slide and will make your pull feel at ease.

Cheap European Drawer Slide Sockets

The Slide Sockets are new and need no installation, they are made of stainless steel for long lasting use. The sides of the Sockets are made of plastic for homosexuals and others who desiderate to be able to adopt your shelves and tables with ease, the Sockets can be replaced or replaced with other Sockets if needed. The slides are effortless to handle and are top-notch for taking down shelves, flipping over beds, and more, the new face frame Sockets are for the European drawer slide. They are what you need to order the items in the pack, the Sockets are included and are made of plastic but feel free to go for the expensive ones if you want. The frames are also included and will help keep your cabinets clean and free from marks, the new face frame socket set for the d688 drawer Slide 3 package is outstanding for suitors scouring for a surrogate in regards to traditional face frame sockets. The sets up easily from head to head, making it an uncomplicated and quick substitute to increase the efficiency of the drawer slide, this is an 2 pack 24 inch white European drawer slides. They are must have for any office needs and can be used for both heavy duty and everyday use, this because of the thick walls and deep wells, so you can trust that your drawer Slide will never come loose.