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Kv 8500 Drawer Slides

The Kv 8500 drawer slides are fantastic for use in stores, they are heavy-duty and unrivaled for use in the backseat of cars or on the lap of a springer. They make a valuable addition to home store.

Top 10 Kv 8500 Drawer Slides

The Kv 8500 p-14 drawer slides are designed with a heavy-duty to keep your materials clean and organized, the screws on the drawer slides provide an extra level of protection from being getting on top of your equipment. The Kv 8500 p-24 drawer slides are new type of slide that is designed to be even more reliable and extend the life of your data, they are made with heavy-duty polyester baggage and have screws for extra security. They are also screws on the bottom for facile removal, the Kv 8500 p-20 is a heavy-duty drawer slide that comes with a screws system. It is an 20 inch width and it is produced of polyester, it is an exceptional slide for areas with tight spaces or for lovers who need to reach into positions that are difficult to reach. This file drawer slide is enticing for your home office or dwarves, perfect for carrying files during meetings or working in your dwarves office.